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About Us

About Us

The Daysi Family App helps families get an overview of all family related appointments, tasks, etc. and make the everyday life a little bit easier.


The App contains several functions which are a natural part of families’ everyday lives – to keep track of Appointments, ToDo’s, School-/Work schedules, Shopping lists, etc. The app also includes functionality to support Pocket Money management so the children in the family can earn pocket money by performing regular household duties or other duties in the family. 


The App is aimed at all types of families and especially also co-parenting families as e.g. the calendar for individual family members can be shared with another family. This way, parents can share their children’s calendars with each other while having their own Daysi Calendar. This function can e.g. also used by grandparents so they can be a part of the grandchildren’s everyday life and make appointments with them.


The App is constantly being developed with new functions that families need and which therefore will be a natural function to include in the App. Feel free to write to us if you have ideas for new features or other comments.  We hope that our App will make your everyday life a little easier. Sincerely, The Daysi Team.


The Team

Trusted By 25,000+ Users looks so awesome!!

The Daysi Family App has been developed over the last 5 years and + 10,000 hours have been spent on design, specification, development, testing, etc.

The team behind Daysi Family App is Danish, but development takes place in India by a number of experienced developers and specialists.

Bo K. Larsen

Partner & CTO


React Native udvikler


Backend Udvikler

Sagar Rakshale

Project Manager


React Native Udvikler

Tom Olesen

Business Advisor

Thomas Gjørup


James Powel

App Developer